Sod Installation


Do you need sod for your residential or commercial property? Sod installation brings life to an existing landscape.  From start to finish, Thompson Brothers Landscaping can provide everything you need to make sure your sod installation is a success.

We begin with an evaluation of your property to understand bed placement, sod borders, irrigation, and underground utilities. We prepare your yard for sod installation. The time and equipment needed will depend on the size of your yard. We will acquire the sod and have it delivered to your location. Once your sod has been delivered, we place and test irrigation before we start placing the new sod. Next, we install your sod placing pieces tightly together in a checker board pattern. Once the sod has been laid we roll the yard with a weighted roller to ensure the sod adheres to the soil.

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For over 20 years, Thompson Brothers has provided professional landscaping services for residential and commercial clients in NW Georgia and SE Tennessee.  Contact us at 423-596-2587 or 423 595-1692 or request a FREE Quote today!

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