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A new home or commercial development can be a blank canvas for creating an amazing outdoor space but requires planning before you get started. It is important to evaluate the slope and grade of your property to provide for proper drainage, understand which shrubs or plants would best fit your outdoor space and to determine which landscape materials should be used.

To make sure that you create a landscape that adds value to your property and enhances the beauty of your home, you should consult with an experienced landscape professional.

Thompson Brothers Landscaping has over 20 years experience designing and building beautiful landscape designs for residential and commercial clients throughout the Chattanooga and NW Georgia area. Contact us today to learn more about our New Construction Landscaping services.

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For over 20 years, Thompson Brothers has provided professional landscaping services for residential and commercial clients in NW Georgia and SE Tennessee.  Contact us at 423-596-2587 or 423 595-1692 or request a FREE Quote today!

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